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How do you confront staff not meeting expectations?  This workshop provides insight and strategies on how to help everyone in your organization become accountable to improve, achieve and succeed.  It may never be easy to confront, but it can be easier.  The goal of this workshop is to allow participants to understand that confrontation is another tool to help staff grow in order to improve, achieve and ultimately be successful.

Goals of workshop:

1.  Identify specific issues within participants' organization.

2.  Introduce I TEACH method as means for "confronting" staff.

3.  Engage participants in experiential activities and role playing.

Creating a Staff Culture of Retention and Excellence

This workshop is an experiential and hands-on workshop using problem-based and project-based learning so that participants can leave being able to directly apply both the materials and several experiential methods of teaching/sharing the information with their staff.  This is geared toward those supervisors who are hiring, training and/or directly supervising employees.

Staff Orientation Development

This is hands on session that provides leadership staff with tools to designing and implementing a custom-made staff training/orientation.  Activities and information will allow participants to consider their own personal and professional goals.  In doing so these goals are compared to the organizations mission and vision allowing staff to incorporate them into training so that the staff are able successfully work together to achieve the goals.  It is meant to be a jumping off point for leadership staff to begin designing or improving their staff training.

Goals of workshop:

1. Evaluating if current training/orientation uses relevant methods to set staff expectations clearly so that staff can achieve and succeed.

2. Setting staff training goals to reflect the organization's 'Mission or Mission Statement'

3. Provide participants with plenty information and ideas for training staff to take back to staff leadership meeting(s).

Developing Leadership Philosophy, Vision and Values

To be a transformational leader it takes intentional practice and living of one's values and vision.  This workshop allows each participant to evaluate their philosophy, vision and values in order to set goals and provide structure to becoming the leader they want to be.  It requires honesty and humbleness to do some soul searching.  The workshop explores why being a transformational leader is not something we are born with but something we grow into.  Participation will foster the leadership skills each participant possesses but more importantly offers tools for strengthening the skills that are challenging for becoming transformational.

Goals of workshop:

1. Identify our values

2.  Evaluate our leadership style

3.  Evaluate our job within the organization

4.  Compare our leadership to our values

Camp for REAL LIFE leaders

This workshop provides participants with research and activities regarding how working at camp with intentional leadership development can give the next generation the ability to strengthen their soft skills.  Soft skills aka emotional intelligence have been shown to be the absolute essentials for successful leaders.  During the 6 hour workshop participants will be given a blue-print to begin providing staff with focused leadership growth opportunity.  It combines what camps have to offer staff who are willing to commit to a summer of growth/development and what organizations across the countries are looking for in their leaders.

Presenting Jolly Corley

Jolly Corley Contact for speaking or training 215-518-6021
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